1968 Mick Tucker, Steve Priest, Frank Torpey, Brian Connolly
1969 Brian Connolly, Mick Stewart, Steve Priest, Mick Tucker
1970 Brian Connolly, Mick Tucker, Andy Scott, Steve Priest
1979 Andy Scott, Steve Priest, Mick Tucker
1985 Mal McNulty, Phil Lanzon, Andy Scott, Mick Tucker, Paul Mario Day
1988 Paul Mario Day, Mick Tucker, Andy Scott, Malcolm Pearson, Mal McNulty
1989 Mal McNulty, Andy Scott, Mick Tucker, Jeff Brown
1991 Jeff Brown, Andy Scott, Mal McNulty, Mick Tucker, Steve Mann
1992 Andy Scott, Mal McNulty, Bodo Schopf, Steve Mann, Jeff Brown
1993 Bruce Bisland, Mal McNulty, Andy Scott, Steve Mann, Jeff Brown
1994 Chad Brown, Andy Scott, Steve Mann, Bruce Bisland, Jeff Brown
1996 Chad Brown, Andy Scott, Jeff Brown, Steve Grant, Bruce Bisland
1998 Andy Scott, Jeff Brown, Bruce Bisland, Steve Grant
2003 Andy Scott, Tony O'Hora, Bruce Bisland, Steve Grant
2006 Bruce Bisland, Pete Lincoln, Andy Scott, Steve Grant
2011 Bruce Bisland, Pete Lincoln, Andy Scott, Tony O'Hora

The Sweet epitomised the UK 70s Glam Rock movement with their trademark glitter and glam make-up. The Sweet were also a force to be reckoned with in pure rock music terms too. The Hits stand the test of time and the current line-up with original guitarist Andy Scott still keep the audiences shouting for more!

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