The Satisfaction Guaranteed Tour has ended

on Monday, 24 March 2014. Posted in News-Archive

The Satisfaction Guaranteed Tour has ended

The "Satisfaction Guaranteed" Australian Tour has been quite different from previous visits. We have performed mainly in theatres, similar to the Sweet/Slade tours in the UK, with a few Entertainment Centres thrown in for good measure and quite frankly I don't miss the usual sweaty rock clubs from the "Bar-room Blitz" days. I know this is going to sound like a bit of a cliche, especially coming from a man of my age but it's almost as if we've grown up. The shows have been amazing, the audience reaction fantastic as usual and though it has been mind-bendingly hectic we have loved every minute. I would just like to say that the crew, Damian, Adam and Sean have stood on the shoulders of giants and have made our life so much easier than it could have been. Special thanks to Tour Manager, Jason for making every situation stress free, all dealt with aplomb. So there you have it - I'm sitting in the Emirates lounge at Sydney International watching the rain, yes it does rain here and wondering why we couldn't have had some of it during the Ashes Tests recently. I love this country and discover new things with every visit. We will return. Andy.

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  • David Bean

    22 July 2014 at 01:59 |
    Hi Andy
    This is a bit after the event but I have only just discovered this site . We drove down to Geelong from Melbourne for the Sunday night gig and loved it .
    Thanks for touring again and hope to see you back soon and would it be possible to do a gig in Melbourne . There are plenty of theatres in the suburbs you could play in . And would it be possible to include "Lies In Your Eyes" and "Fever of Love " in the set
    Oh and I just want to thank you for your work around prostrate cancer. This vile disease claimed my father and the more men know about the better off we all are
    You were my favorite band when I was twelve. Now I'm 51 and your still the best

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